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Gastronomic Tourism: Discover our New Yuba and Bendito Menus

Are you fond of gastronomic tourism? Still wondering where to eat in Malaga? Malaga Premium Hotel starts 2018 with new menus for Yuba and Bendito. Mario Rosado, our gastro-hotel Chef, added two new menu proposals that will impress everyone. Let’s get started!

New Bendito Menu

If you are looking for a place to satisfy your morning cravings, Bendito will be your favourite. Its street-food cuisine is perfect for a good midday snack. Pay attention because you are going to love all our new dishes. You can start with our tasty Goat Cheese Croquettes, Dry Tomato and Basil and our Panko Chicken Salad, Red Onion, Parmesan Cheese and Mint Mayo. Then, you can try our Ras Hanout Lamb Hot Dog, Yogurt Sauce and Mango Chutney and, if you like it so much that you still want more, you can go for our Grilled Red Tuna with Sweet Ratatouille and Fried Leek or our Salmon with dill and Wok Veggies. A foodie must! But if you want something different, take a look at our wide variety of sushi.

Nueva carta de Bendito 2018As a dessert, how about our irresistible Chocolate and Nuts Brownie with Cookie Ice Cream or our Lemon Semifreddo and Cinnamon Sablé?

New Yuba Menu

Feeling innovative? Yuba is an exotic and chic restaurant with a new menu that will conquer your stomach. It will leave a good impression on you all day long. Our new Yuba menu includes an amazing Flambé Taco with Squid Tempura, Fruits Kimchee and Crispy Algae with Wasabi that will leave you speechless. Not to mention our Thieboudienne of Caramelized Eel and Crunchy and Sweet Bananas or our Glazed Pig Ingot with Seasonal Fruit Textures… And if you have a sweet tooth, you have to taste our Caramel Sponge Cake, Glazed Pear and Fake Cinnamon or our White Chocolate Mousse, Qumquat and Coke. Bon appétite!

Nueva carta de Yubá 2018Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you are a foodie and you want to try our new Bendito and Yuba menus, two of the best restaurants to eat in Malaga. It’s easy-peasy! You just have to come to Malaga Premium Hotel and enjoy a great breakfast, lunch or dinner in the heart of the city.

And with a full stomach, indulge yourself and come up to our amazing chill-out terrace, La Terraza de San Juan, sip our famous cocktails and enjoy our unique views!

Our clients already tasted our novelties and they really loved them. Are you going to miss it?

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