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Food delivery in Malaga: Enjoy Bendito in your Favourite Place

Food delivery in Malaga has arrived to our Malaga restaurant with a clear objective: to take Bendito’s best flavours outside our facilities. Have you ever wished your favourite Malaga restaurant delivered food delivery in downtown Malaga? If the answer is yes, our Bendito Malaga restaurant now offers a wonderful service of food delivery in Malaga so you can enjoy your favourite dishes anywhere in the heart of the city. Start taking a look at our menu, you never know…

Excellent Delivery Food in Downtown Malaga Thanks to Deliveroo in Malaga

If you haven’t tried delivery food in downtown Malaga yet, our Malaga restaurant is more than ready to brighten your day. We have renewed not only our gastronomic concept but also all the services we can offer you. That is why, thanks to Deliveroo in Malaga, you can now taste any of the delicious dishes from our menu in the very heart of the city or what is even better… even 5 km away from it! Yes, we know what you are thinking.

Imagine you are at the beach, sunbathing or having a refreshing swim and you feel hungry all of the sudden. What restaurant would you go to, to fill your stomach? With just one call to our Bendito Malaga restaurant, we’ll prepare the healthiest dish for you so this summer you can take care of yourself inside and out. The perfect plan to enjoy the summer!

Food Delivery in Malaga at Any Time and Any Occasion

Our Bendito Malaga Restaurant is known, among other things, for its varied offer of healthy, light and tasty food. For this reason, the new offer of delivery food in downtown Malaga is a great option to continue with your daily routine without having to give up enjoying the citric flavour a truly natural juice like our Verde que te quiero verde (Melon, avocado and spinach) or a fresh summer salad with an Italian touch. By the way, our packages and cutlery are made with recycled (and recyclable) materials. Bendito also thinks in green!

On top of that, our Malaga restaurant also has an exquisite daily executive menu that is included in our service of delivery food in Malaga. Thanks to that and to Deliveroo in Malaga, at our Bendito Malaga restaurant we invite you to enjoy the most delicious dishes of the city centre like you were at home… Except that you can now live that gastronomic experience anywhere. Incredible but true!

Take a look at our casual food menu, choose from our great dishes, call us at (+34) 951 90 29 84 and enjoy the city of Malaga with the characteristic flavour of Bendito.

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