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Enjoy the Feria de Malaga 2019 at Malaga Premium Hotel

The Feria de Malaga 2019 is here! As every year, our gastro-hotel Malaga Premium Hotel and its rooftop bar in Malaga dress up for the occasion and offer everything you need to experience the most Premium Feria.

Are you looking forward to knowing what special plans we have in store at our hotel to celebrate the most important week-long festivity in the city?

Our Rooftop Bar at Malaga Premium Hotel: A Place to Have a Great Time During the Feria de Malaga

This year the Feria de Malaga 2019 lasts longer than ever before and we want to start off with a huge celebration. For that reason, we suggest that you come on the 14th of August to La Terraza de San Juan to live a magical night, where you will enjoy the firework show while tasting the delicious cocktails from our professional barmen.

Feria de Málaga 2019 - Terraza de Málaga

But that’s not all. Our team wants you to celebrate in style every day of this Feria de Malaga 2019. Therefore, we invite you to taste our great selection of specially-selected cocktails, which will help you to cope with Malaga’s high temperatures, and to dance all day long. Now there’s no excuse for not living a Premium experience at our rooftop bar in Malaga’s city centre!

Savour the Feria de Malaga 2019 at Our Gastro-Hotel

This year, as never before, the old town streets will bustle with the festive atmosphere of the Feria de Malaga. From the 14th to the 25th of August you will enjoy many entertainment shows, bands and dancing groups, as well as performances of verdiales, flamenco and much folklore.

And what else could possibly round off an entire morning of folklore and dancing in the city streets? A lunch at our gastro-hotel! Come to our restaurants Yubá and Bendito and taste the Feria de Malaga 2019.

As main course, at Bendito restaurant we suggest a tasting of free paella with your drink on Thursday 15th of August from 03:00 pm. And on Sunday 18th you will enjoy our special Fair schedule from 08:00 am to 08:30 pm. Make the most of our non-stop kitchen and don’t stop the party!

Besides, since we know you are a true gourmet, whether it’s a holiday or not, we have prepared at Bendito two different executive menus for the weeks from the 12th to the 16th and from the 19th to the 23rd of August. Sprout salad with caramelized goat cheese and peach, Picual scent beet gazpacho and parmesan snow. Two highly refreshing starters made with local products. Roasted pork with barbecue sauce and crispy potatoes or Roasted chicken burrito with beans are two of the main festive courses we offer. Because it’s Feria time! And the menu includes very refreshing desserts as Lemon mousse with herb sponge cake or Fruit salad with lemon peel yogurt. Are you going to miss it?

Feria de Malaga 2019: Yubá Gives the Festival a Gourmet Touch

If you are interested in the fusion cuisine from our Yubá restaurant, don’t worry because it also joins the party and it will delight us with many delicious courses outside the normal menu. And delicious is not a manner of speech: Lamb carbonara with custard and cured egg yolk, Croissant pibil with guacamole and pico de gallo or Broken eggs with lacquered duck and fried leeks are only some of the delicacies that will make this Feria de Malaga 2019 become an authentic pleasure to the senses at the first gastro-hotel of the city.

Now you know. If you plan to live the Feria de Malaga 2019 in the city centre and to enjoy its many shows, don’t forget your culinary treat at our gastro-hotel. We will surprise you with a wide offer of quality courses, which are healthy, fresh, delicious and even vegetarian. And remember that you can always continue the party at our famous rooftop bar in Malaga, La Terraza de San Juan. We will be waiting for you!

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