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Our Chill Out Rooftop Terrace in Malaga Introduces its New Menu of Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Our chill out rooftop terrace in Malaga is polishing the last details to welcome that time of year so long awaited. Blessed summer! Once again, La Terraza de San Juan in Malaga renews and expands its menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to refresh even the most intense heat waves. That is why we designed our own sensation lab with a range of cocktails that will make you enjoy very special nights. Suit up and drink to the summer rhythm on our rooftop terrace!

Our Chill Out Rooftop Terrace in Malaga: An Authentic Lab of Experiences and Sensations

At La Terraza de San Juan, we are passionate about playing with flavours and sensations, including creative and original nuances in every single alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktail. In addition, with this new menu we wanted to take a step further… Now, when you check our varied offer of alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktails, you will know the peculiarities of every drink thanks to our singular periodic table. You’ll feel like a real cocktail scientist! Along with the different types of cocktails, you’ll find symbols that represent taste, type of spirit, or size. At La Terraza de San Juan in Malaga, cocktails go from art to science.

At our Malaga rooftop terrace, we are fortunate to have a great team of bartenders, experts in incredibly genuine cocktails. Among the innovative signature cocktails, there is the unique Catrina, a version of the famous Bloody Mary that will captivate you from the first moment. Vodka, mescal, iced tomato juice, pepper and lime cordial, the spicy touch of chipotle salt and Perrins sauce… With this wonderful combination, who wouldn’t like to try this alcoholic cocktail to quench their thirst? Another star is the Moscow Mule 2.0, a perfect balance between vodka, ginger syrup and hibiscus, as well as lime juice and ginger beer. With this new cocktail, you will have the pleasure of discovering the spicier and more acidic side of this classic cocktail.

In the periodic table of our rooftop in Malaga, the surprises have just begun. The Vanilla Ron Sour is another delicious combination that will dazzle you with its flavour of aged rum, lemon juice and egg white. Thanks to the vanilla syrup and cane syrup, the surprising aroma of this alcoholic cocktail will perfume your summer evenings like never before. Of course, there is nothing better than enjoying the wonderful views from our Malaga rooftop terrace together with a cocktail in the same colour of a Malaga sunset.

Our Chill Out Rooftop Terrace in Malaga with a Wide Range of Elementary Cocktails

In La Terraza de San Juan in Malaga, the summer season is noticeable in a thousand different ways. One of them is with the new alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktail offer, available for you to refresh your days and overcome the high temperatures. But we did not forget the classics. If you are not in the mood for experiments and just want to be comforted by the recognisable taste of your favourite classic cocktail… We’ve got you covered! But… Wouldn’t it be a rather boring summer without any adventures?

Bring out the mad scientist inside you and experiment with new combinations, intense flavours and heady aromas that will become your new cocktails of reference…

What would summer be without the opportunity to enjoy the heart of the city with the most explosive signature cocktails? Discover all the possible formulas of our refreshing lab and find out about every component making up our delicious cocktails. Would you come to recharge your batteries and fill yourself with vitamins and minerals at La Terraza de San Juan in Malaga?

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