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Chocolate Dessert Tasting at Bendito: A Guided Experience with Pairing

Do you like chocolate desserts? When it’s time to order, don’t you know what chocolate dessert to order and you would like to try them all? The kitchen team at Malaga’s Bendito restaurant has the answer to your sweetest dreams. Cuisine, gastronomy and, above all, confectionery are a pleasure and, in matters of pleasure… why choose? Keep reading and discover all the details of the latest Bendito event, part of the cultural non-agenda Preámbulo. We warn you… do not read this news without some chocolate nearby.

Chocolate Dessert Tasting with Pairing

On May 19, 2022, you have an appointment at the Malaga restaurant Bendito. Mario Rosado and Juanjo Jiménez will be your masters of ceremonies at the ChocoADDICT event. Bendito’s kitchen team has prepared a guided tasting with three desserts that will delight chocoholics. Bendito: Malaga’s chocolate capital for a day!

Picture this situation: the dessert menu arrives at the table, you read the different options and you do not know whether to order the dark chocolate dessert, the one that has a touch of white chocolate or the jack of all trades milk chocolate. What a dilemma! Well, put the troubles and the regrets aside for a day and give yourself the treat you deserve. ChocoADDICT comes with three desserts of these three chocolates with their three unique pairings.

Desserts and cocktails. 2-in-1. A journey of flavours guided by the experts at Bendito that you should not miss.

ChocoADDICT: Three Chocolate Desserts with Unique Cocktails

As chocolate lovers know, cocoa has its origin in Mexico. For this reason, you will perceive the influence of the Central American country in each of the desserts and cocktails that pair them.

The ChocoADDICT event of the non-agenda Preámbulo begins with WHITE a dessert with Ivoire chocolate 35%, raspberry, beetroot and harissa… a bold combination with a colour that will surprise you and that could only improve if we pair it with a cocktail of gin, Fino wine, lime juice, coriander syrup, dill and basil.

MILK brings you a Jivara chocolate 40% with cashew nuts milk, mezcal toffe and loquats paired with a cocktail of white rum, aged rum, Orgeat, Falernum and lime juice. Jivara chocolate is milk chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa that provides intensity and creaminess with which you can make unique desserts.

The last step of our journey is DARK. An intense dessert with Guanaja 70%, coffee, liquorice and vanilla that is accompanied by a cocktail of mezcal, vodka, mashed coconut, lime juice and orange liqueur. You may have tried the typical chocolate and orange combination, but this twist proposed by the Bendito kitchen team raises these creations to a whole new level.

Book your ChocoADDICT Experience at Bendito

Throughout the post we have been leaving you chocolate chips but, we’ll make it easy for you to find your way to the ChocoADDICT event. On May 19 from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm at Bendito 3 chocolate desserts and 3 unique cocktails await you. There will be a limit of 20 guests, so you’d better book your seat in advance. You can do it through the email or by phone at 951 90 29 84. Now that you have your place booked… All that remains is to count the days to enjoy the most delicious day of the year in Malaga.

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