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Déjalo brotar

Art Exhibition in Malaga Premium Hotel with Rocío Pérez Cuadra

Looking for an art exhibition? Malaga Premium Hotel presents an impressive collection by the designer Rocío Pérez Cuadra, “Déjalo Brotar” (Let It Sprout), that will fill the spaces of the hall of our downtown Malaga hotel with wonderful works that will move every visitor. As a member of the Premium People’s Club, you will have priority access to all the activities organised by Preámbulo, the NO-PROGRAMME by Premium Group. As always, Preámbulo brings many surprises and this fantastic art exhibition is yet another example. What do you think if we tell you that, in addition to this beautiful exhibition, we also offer a delicious dessert and sweet wine tasting? If you want to know all the details of the exhibition organised by the cultural activities programme, keep reading!

Art Exhibition in Malaga: “Déjalo Brotar”, by Rocío Pérez Cuadra

In this new cultural event in Malaga, Rocío Pérez Cuadra presents “Déjalo Brotar”, a beautiful art exhibition with which not only will you enjoy its wonderful technique and recognizable personal touch, but you will be able to delve into its interesting perspective on women and nature. Within the framework of her project Ropunto illustración, Rocío shows us a collection of illustrations represented by women and natural elements. The melancholic and unfathomable aura of each of these works functions as a guiding thread in this exhibition, in which it is not intended to find a sense or a logical order, but to transmit feelings randomly. “Déjalo Brotar” becomes a liberating space where you let your imagination and feelings fly and where you can let go and feel a multitude of emotions at the same time.

Exposicion de arte en Málaga

If you do not know the illustrations of this Spanish artist and you are in Malaga, we invite you to attend the inaugural event of this exhibition. On September 23rd at 1:30 pm, the hall of our hotel in downtown Malaga will host the opening ceremony of “Déjalo Brotar”. This event will be attended by the management team of Premium Group and a limited number of attendees, who will have the opportunity to make an exclusive tour of the exhibition by the artist Rocío Pérez Cuadra, as well as to taste an exquisite glass of cava.

Cultural Events in MalagaPremium Hotel

If you don’t want to miss this exciting art exhibition, don’t worry, because it will stay with us for a while. As you know, in Premium Group we enjoy art and creativity and we don’t want to limit it to just one day. Therefore, from September 23rd to October 31st you can visit this art exhibition in Malaga Premium Hotel. An exhibition like this is not to be enjoyed in a hurry. Take your time!

Cartel Exposición Déjalo brotarIn addition, to make this event even more special, we have prepared a delicious tasting of desserts and sweet wines together with the exhibition on October 7th at 5:00 pm at our Bendito restaurant. This way, you will be able to experience how your emotions are triggered by pairing the surprising illustrations of the artist with the delicious desserts and sweet wines inspired by them because each dessert will be paired with a different sweet wine… In addition, a tour of the exhibition will be carried out explaining the history behind each of the works that served as an inspiration to the artist. Enjoy a unique tour of each piece of the exhibition and learn about the history that inspired Rocío to create each of her works.

Now that you know all the details of this art exhibition at Malaga Premium Hotel, you can’t miss it! Remember that the inaugural event will take place on September 23rd at 1:00 pm and the number of attendees is limited, so call now and book your place. In addition, you can repeat this exciting artistic tour from September 23rd to October 31st. And don’t forget about the dessert and sweet wine tasting at Bendito! Are you going to miss such a complete Premium life experience?

Exposición de arte en Málaga

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